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I am a product manager with a background in UX design, front-end web development, and a little bit of visual design. My grounding in the Master of Digital Media program offered jointly by UBC, SFU, Emily Carr, and BCIT provided me with a firm foundation in storytelling and digital innovation which I have been able to leverage to help build impactful products. I am also currently pursuing an MBA with a specialisation in Management of Technology at SFU.

With every product I work on, I begin with a holistic overview of stakeholder needs, from business requirements to end user pain points to production team skillsets and beyond. This allows me to help craft product specifications and roadmaps that are highly adaptive and tailored to the unique characteristics of the team that will be working to deliver the final product. Throughout the product lifecycle, my goal is always to ensure that all my product stakeholders feel heard and their opinions are carefully considered in context of the broader product vision, and I will do what is necessary to find a solution that satisfies my stakeholders, whether that necessitates 12+ hours of air travel twice in 72 hours or complete product overhauls after a year of intense product development. 

In the smaller teams I've had the opportunity to manage, I'm excited to be able to work alongside designers, engineers, and UX researchers, which helps maintain my hands-on skills and gives me a deep experiential understanding of the day-to-day challenges and growth opportunities within the team. In larger teams where the management of the product and an embedded product team consumes the bulk of my day and working alongside my team on a regular basis is not feasible, regular one-on-ones with each team member becomes all the more crucial. During these conversations, our focus is not project work but rather on the team member and their personal and professional development. This is also a safe space for them to give me feedback on how I am working with them and with the team without any repercussions; in the same way that I expect all my team members to be committed to working on themselves and on the team as a whole, I commit to taking onboard their feedback for me (both positive and negative) and working together to build a better team.

My favourite projects are ones that taught me a valuable lesson, had particularly challenging solutions, helped impact a group of users for the better, or some combination of the above. Some of these projects were not particularly fun to work through, but all of them have been more than worth the effort in retrospect.

I am passionate about doing what I can to help make the world a better place. Have an idea? Talk to me!

I get disproportionately excited about books (trying to read more non-fiction), visual design (currently working on my abysmal drawing skills), building team culture (especially in terms of building people up), fountain pens (Sailor pens live rent-free in my heart), photography (with my iPhone and my old school Minolta XG1), and knitting.


Have a recommendation, knowledge to share, or just want to be excited with me? Tell me something!

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