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A Year of Quotes: 06

There's a story in Jay Shetty's Think Like a Monk where he shares about the daily walk that he took at the ashram. Each day, the monks would have to walk the same path they had walked the day before, and the day before that, and find something new about the path that they had never noticed before.

Spotting something new every day on our familiar walk was a reminder to keep our focus on that walk, to see the freshness in each routine, to be aware.

I'm rather abysmal at closing my eyes and meditating, but I've found walking meditation to be helpful for clearing my mind, so I've been setting about my daily walk with a bit more of a focus on my surroundings and a bit less of a focus on podcasts or music. And it's not just in my daily walk that I've been looking to see a bit of that freshness in my routine, but also in routine smoothies, or chores, or habitual things that all tend to blur together...

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